Why AtheraCorp?

At AtheraCorp, we create a healthier, more productive workforce by providing Olympic level Athletic Trainers to large corporations to reduce pain, improve productivity, and ultimately, save corporations millions of dollars in workers’ comp and other expenses.

Economic Trends

Corporations now spend over $63 Billion per year, an average of $694 per employee, on workers’ compensation claims. We lower the muscular injury costs up to 86% and Absenteeism by 25% (Minimum Savings of $279,000) This keeps employees working and increases productivity.

Social Trends

Millennials will dominate the workforce over the next 10 years. Millennials change jobs more than any previous generation; they choose employers who provide health-focused benefits. A superior company retains the best employees by providing the best work-life balance.

Technological Trends

There have been advancements in Anatomy and Physiology knowledge that has created a new generation of medical professionals with techniques that render ‘old-school’ rehabilitation methods obsolete. We only hire ‘new-gen’ professionals.

Our Story

Everyone suffers from aches and pains sometimes. Chronic pain distracts from work and can cause depression. Most solutions rely on insurance and cost too much, so people ‘just live with it’. What if they had someone there for them whenever they needed help?

Don’t Just ‘Live With It’

Every Professional and Olympic Team has an Athletic Trainer to keep the team working pain-free. We place experienced Athletic Trainers in large corporations to achieve the same goal.