The Team


Our priority is to provide a superior workplace wellness program to American Corporations by hiring the most experienced Athletic Training professionals.


We promote a healthier, more productive workforce by placing experienced Athletic Trainers, with advanced certifications, in large corporations to reduce workers’ compensation claims, injury, sickness, employee turnover, and OSHA record-able Injuries.


  1. Improve Quality of Life for Employees
  2. Decrease Workers’ Compensation and Sickness Costs
  3. Improve Employee Production and Retention


  • Keep People Working
  • Rising Medical and Insurance Expenses
  • Millennials: The High Cost of Worker Turnover (Hiring, Training, Opportunity Costs)


  • Industry Specific Injury Analysis & Exercise
  • On-Site Muscle Release Treatments
  • On-Site Posture & Movement Analysis
  • Exercise and Stretching Programs
  • Online Wellness Community & Fitness Challenges


  • 80% Reduction in Workers’ Compensation Costs
  • 25% Reduction in Sickness Costs
  • 79% Reduction of Employee Turnover


Making The Team

Joshua Thompson, Founder & President 

Joshua Thompson worked his way up to Olympic Level Sports within three years of completing his Master of Science degree, beating out job applicants with 10 years of experience and numerous other degrees.  He holds a wide variety of certifications and has attended and assisted numerous lectures at conferences around the country.

Athletic Training Experience: High School, College, Olympic National Luge Team, Physical Therapy Clinics, Ironman, and Highlander Strong Man Competition.

Education: BA Music Performance, m. French Language, Master of Science in Athletic Training

Certifications: Burdenko Method Trainer, Power-Plate Instructor, Active Release Technique, OSHA Ergonomics for Office, Labor and Industry.

At AtheraCorp, JT develops new relationships with companies, as well as hiring, training, and managing all employees.

Clinically, JT specializes in Low Back Pain and Postural Integrity.



AtheraCorp Ltd. Minimum Employee Requirements:

  • Certified Athletic Trainer, or qualified Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Chiropractics, or Medical Doctor.
  • Experience: Minimum 3 years
  • Required Certifications (within 5 years): Active Release Technique, the OSHA Office Ergonomics, and Labor and Industrial Ergonomics.


  • Experience in Orthopedics and an Interest/Experience in Wellness. Industrial or Ergonomic experience
  • Industrial or Ergonomic experience
  • Olympic/Professional Sports/Division I College Background
  • Management
  • Multiple Job Settings
  • Certifications: NASM, CPT, CES, PES, IASTM, KT Tape

All employees are required to complete the ‘’AtheraCorp Ltd. Corporate Injury Assessment and Prevention’’ Training Program once hired.


Our Big Idea provides the optimum solution for corporations who want to establish the most efficient wellness program which provides value to their employees and a massive return on investment.

AtheraCorp Ltd. is the only company providing this level of care to the Corporate world.

Find Out if your Corporation meets our requirements for a business partnership. 


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