A. 3-Part Program

B. Partnership Details




A. 3 – Part Program:

1. Initial Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

2. On-site Muscle Release Therapy and Group Fitness Training

3. Online Fitness Programs & Community Support


Part 1: Workplace Assessment

All AtheraCorp Ltd. Employees are OSHA-certified in Labor, Industry, and Office Ergonomics. All employees are also experienced, certified Athletic Trainers with education on proper biomechanical movements, injury assessment, and treatment.

The purpose of the Initial Workplace Assessment is:

  • Learn about our Partner Company
  • Determine ‘at-risk’ locations
  • Determine common injuries
  • Develop a corrective exercise, stretching, muscle release program.
  • Develop a custom online fitness program for the partner’s employees.
  • Hire, Train, and Familiarize new employees with our corporate partner.
  • Referrals, as necessary, for Full Health Screenings with a Medical Doctor

Part 2: On-site Services

  • Posture & Movement Analysis
  • Stretches and Corrective Exercise Group Training Session.
  • Home Exercise/Stretching Program Handouts.
  • Hands-on Muscular Release Treatments for employees.
  • On-Site (On AND Off Hours) Acute Injury Assessments.
    • To the best of our ability, AtheraCorp will provide an Athletic Trainer as soon as possible, after an injury event. We will work with our partner’s worker’s compensation doctor or refer our partner’s employee within our own network. This will help save our partners and their employees time and money.

Part 3: Off-site Services

  • Self-Care Stretching/Exercise Handouts.
  • Monthly Fitness Challenges on our customized Vimify APP.
  • Private Corporate Facebook Group where employees can ask questions and get fitness and nutrition advice.
  • Access to our Referral Network of Personal Trainers, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Massage Therapists, Nutrition Coaches, and Registered Dieticians.
  • *Future plans for a Treatment/Training Facility in Denver*


B. Partnership Details

Contact Us Directly for Pricing.

  • All Locations must be within 50 Miles of Denver Center (*Future plans for expansion to all major US cities)
  • Minimum 1 Hour contract per 200 employees
  • Pricing: Special Offer $1.8 per employee per week. (Normal Pricing: $2.5/employee/week)
  • All Contracts are for a duration of 50 weeks + 2 week Initial Assessment Period.
  • Each Corporate Partner will have one or more Athletic Trainers familiar with their company and available to service their contract.
  • If for some reason, AtheraCorp Ltd. is unable to service a contract, there will be a pro-rated refund provided.
  • If a Corporation decides to cancel a contract, there will be no refund provided, unless in extenuating circumstances.
  • Anticipated Savings per 1,000 employees: Minimum $279,000 – $1,211,524 depending on Industry.  

    C. FAQs

      1. Question: Do you provide Personal Training?
        • No, we provide group personal training and stretching programs for our client’s employees.  For personal training, employees are encouraged to work with our trainers outside of our partnership contract. We have future plans to develop our own training facilities where our client’s employees will be able to workout and meet with our professional team.
      2. Question: Do you provide Massages?
        • Yes and No. Active Release Technique is considered a massage therapy by OSHA reporting standards, but it is not like your typical massage; it is a technique that focuses only on injured areas of soft tissue. We provide a referral network of highly trained masseuses and can provide one at your work-site, as needed.
      3. Question: Do you diagnosis Injuries?
        • Our employees are certified Athletic Trainers who work under the supervision of a Licensed Medical Doctor. Our Athletic Trainers are in regular communication with our Medical Doctors, Physical Therapist, and Chiropractor network so that we can quickly refer our clients to the best possible care.  We provide Muscle Release, stretches, and exercises to help alleviate pain and discomfort.
      4. For Other Questions feel free to Contact Us.



      Our Big Idea provides the optimum solution for corporations who want to establish the most efficient wellness program which provides value to their employees and a massive return on investment.

      AtheraCorp Ltd. is the only company providing this level of care to the Corporate world.

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